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Marital Misconduct – FAQ

Q. What is marital misconduct?

A. When you file for divorce you have the option to cite certain misconduct on the part of your spouse. Some examples of marital misconduct can include; adultery, cruelty, conviction of a felony, and more. However, Texas law requires that you provide evidence to support your claims.

Q. What if I choose to file for no-fault divorce?

A. Even if you decide to file for no-fault divorce, marital misconduct can still affect how a number of issues in your divorce case are settled. Such as:

Property division – If your spouse’s misconduct has affected the financial situation of your household, it may mean a more favorable property division result for you.

Alimony – If you qualify for alimony in Texas, the court can consider misconduct on the part of your spouse to determine how much alimony you should receive and for how long.

Child custody – While an affair will not automatically limit your spouse’s custody rights, certain conduct can affect these determinations, particularly if it can be proven that the child has been put in a dangerous situation as a result.

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