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Social Media and the Divorce Process

If you are about to file for divorce or are in the middle of a divorce case, you should consider taking a break from posting on social media or at least be very careful of what you post.

What not to share online 

  • If you are requesting alimony because you claim you cannot support yourself, you do not want to post photos of your latest shopping spree or vacation.
  • If you “check in” to bars or post photos of you out on the town, your spouse may use those to allege you are not fit to have custody of your children.
  • If you post disparaging or negative comments about your spouse or the divorce process, it may be used to claim you are being uncooperative in your divorce case.

About privacy settings 

Even if you have your account set to “private” and are not connected with your spouse on social media, you may have friends in common who can report any questionable posts and provide them to your spouse to possibly be used against you.

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