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Your Case May Not End When Your Divorce Is Final

When you decide to end your marriage, most people want the process to go as quickly as possible so they can look forward into the next chapter of their lives. When your divorce is finalized, you may believe that it is the end of your time in court. However, many couples find themselves back in court in the future because one or both of them wish to seek an enforcement or a modification of the divorce order.

Enforcing an Order

When a divorce is settled, the court may order many things to happen regarding child custody arrangements or money being paid from one party to the other. However, simply because a court-ordered something does not mean that everyone will comply. Many people simply choose to ignore the court’s instructions in the divorce judgment or to interpret the order in their own way. This can be extremely detrimental to the other party and they have the right to return to court to seek enforcement of the order. Issues that may commonly be enforced include:

A court can hold a party in contempt, issue warrants, and impose other penalties for continued noncompliance with court orders.

Requesting a Modification

In some cases, a judgment entered at the time of divorce will no longer make sense due to changing circumstances. For example:

Child custody – Children’s schedules may change, one parent may move farther away, or a new schedule may simply be more convenient or preferable for everyone involved. In such cases, you can either agree to update the custody arrangement (which the court must approve) or you can request that the court does so.

Child or spousal support – People can have changing financial circumstances for many reasons, including loss of a job, promotion, illness or disability, remarriage, or another type of financial windfall. If there has been a substantial change of circumstances for one or both parties, a modification of the support order may be requested by the court.

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