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How to Prepare for Your First Meeting with Your Divorce or Family Law Attorney

Many new clients want to be as prepared as possible for their first meeting with a divorce attorney, and attorneys likewise find that their first meeting with a potential client is more fruitful when the prospective client takes the time to prepare for their consultation.

During the divorce process, the client will be required to provide information and documentation to his or her attorney. If the client cannot provide it, this puts increased work on the attorney and support staff, which will result in higher legal fees. Thus, it is useful to begin gathering basic pieces of information.

We recommend preparing for your first meeting with your family law attorney by thinking about the following:

  • Personal information and histories. It often helps to write down the history of your relationship including, date of marriage, states lived in, work histories, children of the marriage, prior marriages and children of past relationships.
  • Financial information. Finances are one of the most complicated parts of divorce. Start gathering pay stubs, account statements, and retirement information for you and your spouse. Make a list of all movable and immovable property you or your spouse owns.
  • Your wishlist. Think about what the best-case scenario would be for you at the end of the divorce proceedings. When you share these ideas with your attorney, understand that it may not be possible for you to get exactly what you want. Your spouse has rights too.
  • Questions. Writing down any questions you have for your attorney before your first meeting is helpful. A good attorney will understand that for many people the divorce process is full of unknowns and will gladly answer any questions you may have.

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If you are thinking about divorce, meeting with an attorney can help you better understand your options. The fact that you meet with an attorney does not necessarily mean that you want to file for divorce the next day.

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