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  • Planning Your Divorce
    Planning Your Divorce

    It sounds counterintuitive to plan your divorce , but if you are considering a divorce, it’s important to proceed deliberately. No divorce is easy, but making the effort to implement a plan will help ...

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  • Texas Divorce: What Not to Do
    Texas Divorce: What Not to Do

    Divorce is stressful; that’s a given. Your divorce is probably not your finest hour, and that’s okay. It’s no time to beat yourself up. There are certain pitfalls that you can, nevertheless, avoid and ...

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  • So, You Just Got Divorced
    So, You Just Got Divorced

    For many people, getting a final judgment of divorce is ending a chapter of life. Whether you or your spouse initiated the divorce, there is a certain sense of closure and a new lease on life that ...

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  • Social Media and Your Divorce
    Social Media and Your Divorce

    We all know that elephants and social media never forget. If you are going through a divorce in Texas , you are well advised to keep it out of your social media posts. A divorce is no time to air your ...

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