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How to Survive Financially If You Leave Your Spouse

When a couple is considering a divorce, financial issues quickly come to a head. In situations where one spouse is dependent on the other financially, the financially dependent spouse may feel helpless or concerned about his or her financial situation.

This is where temporary spousal support comes in. Temporary spousal support can be ordered as soon as divorce proceedings are initiated.

Temporary spousal support is based on the idea that spouses — even during separation — have a legal duty to support each other. Temporary spousal support can include housing costs, insurance premiums and a spending allowance.

How Long Will I Have Support?

If you are awarded temporary spousal support, your spouse will be generally obligated to pay the amount ordered until the divorce is final. After that, if you are eligible and awarded spousal maintenance, you will continue to receive payments. However, it is common for a spouse to be awarded temporary spousal support but not support after the divorce is finalized.

Also, some judges only award temporary spousal support for a period of several months to allow the financially dependent spouse the opportunity to find a job and alternative living arrangements.

How Much Will I Get?

A judge’s main concern in setting temporary spousal support is what amount will keep the parties in the same standard of living as they enjoyed during the marriage. Other support obligations are more or less set through charts that the court must follow. Temporary spousal support is in subject to such rigid calculations.

What Are Other Types of Support?

Spousal maintenance is support ordered after the divorce has been granted. A court may also award temporary child support and child support if there are children of the marriage.

Contract a Richmond, TX Spousal Support Attorney

Temporary spousal support is an important issue for divorcing couples. Do not let your finances get in the way of getting a divorce. A skilled family law attorney will be able to negotiate on your behalf. Call Katy, TX divorce attorney Frank J. Vendt, Jr. at The Vendt Law Firm, P.L.L.C. for help at (832) 263-6770.

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