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Co-Parenting After Divorce

Divorce is a difficult process, and the difficulties don’t magically end when the divorce is finalized. In any divorce where there are contested issues, those related to the children often remain the most difficult of all. Co-parenting successfully is often a major hurdle, but there are tactics you can implement to help make the process go more smoothly. Both of you, after all, most likely have your children’s best interests at heart, so do what you can to keep your co-parenting positive. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth the effort.

Eyes on the Prize

With divorce comes resentment, so don’t beat yourself up about it. You put in the hard work of maintaining a marriage, and that effort has unraveled. With time, you will heal—but co-parenting can’t be put on the back-burner. It helps to remember that your ex-spouse remains your kids’ beloved parent. Keep this foremost in your mind, and it will help you move forward with your paramount goal of co-parenting with purpose.

Strictly Business

If your divorce was acrimonious—and most divorces have an element of acrimony—you don’t have to turn yourself inside out to befriend your ex. When it comes to your children, however, you and your ex need to communicate effectively. It can help to treat these interactions like business transactions. You’ve got a job to do—co-parent effectively—so stick to the basics and keep this goal front and center. When it comes to co-parenting with your ex, stick to the facts, keep your manner businesslike and professional, and focus on the who, what, when, and where of the situation.

Kids Come First

Your children naturally come first, and it helps to keep this in mind when it comes to co-parenting. It’s very natural to harbor hurt feelings and resentment after a divorce, but co-parenting successfully means that you need to dig deeper and focus on your children’s needs. Divorce is hard on everyone, and it’s often especially difficult for the kids involved. When you’re dealing with your ex, focus on your children and how you can help make this difficult transition less stressful for them.

Set Consistent Goals

Now that you have two separate households, it’s important to maintain some consistent rules together. Children crave consistency, so when it comes to school, homework, bedtimes, healthy diets, and extracurricular activities, it’s important to present a united front. You raised your children together successfully to this point, and you’ll be glad you hammered out the details as you move forward.

Share Important Information

It’s nearly impossible to co-parent successfully if you don’t both have all the pertinent information. Share important information related to your children with your ex. This will help you both cut to the chase when it comes to making good parenting decisions together.

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Divorce is an emotional rollercoaster, but you naturally put your children’s best interests first—and that means giving co-parenting with your ex your all. It’s not always easy, but if you stick to the basics, you’ll get there. Further, you don’t have to face important post-divorce issues alone.

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