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The purpose of personal injury law in Texas is to allow a person injured through another’s negligence to seek justice through compensation. Once the victim’s physical healing has started, the next step is to determine if there is a case for compensation. At The Vendt Law Firm, P.L.L.C., our personal injury lawyer in Richmond has the experience to weigh the complex factors and evaluate the chances for success. If you have a case, his primary goal will be to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Determining Whether You Have a CaseMan with arm in cast

The validity of a case revolves around the idea of damages. In plain English, damage means injury or harm that reduced the value of or impaired the functioning of a person or thing. In law, the term damages refers to the compensation awarded to victims. If it can be proven that you have suffered due to someone’s negligence, then you deserve damages (compensation) to make up for it.

There are several factors which impact the validity of a personal injury case, such as:

  • Did the victim suffer damages?
  • Where those damages significant?
  • Were the damages caused by someone’s negligence?
  • Does the victim deserve to be compensated for those damages?

Part of what has to be considered is if the responsibility for the injury was not all on one side. In Texas law, the party being sued for compensation can argue that the victim was partly to blame. This is called shared fault. If the other party can succeed in convincing the court that the fault was fifty-fifty, no compensation will be awarded.

Types of Damages

After our personal injury attorney establishes that there's a likely case for damages, the next thing to be evaluated is what level and type of damages the client deserves. In Texas law, there are two main categories of damages—general and special.

Some examples of General Damages include:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Physical disfigurement of disability
  • Mental pain and anguish
  • Quality of life consequences
  • Career consequences

Calculating the value of these general type of damages can be quite difficult because their value is so subjective. Each case is different and must be argued from those unique set of circumstances.

Some examples of Special Damages include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Repair or replacement of property

Additionally, there are punitive damages, which can be awarded to punish the guilty party if a case can be made that they were particularly reckless or negligent in causing the injury.

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From all the complex factors involved in these cases, it is easy to see why having experienced and dedicated representation working for you is so crucial. Our Richmond personal injury attorney is committed to working for our clients and fighting for their deserved compensation to the fullest extent possible under Texas law.

If you live in Richmond, Fort Bend County, or the surrounding areas and you have sustained an injury through someone’s negligence, don’t wait. Contact The Vendt Law Firm, P.L.L.C., today at (832) 263-6770 for a consultation.

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